Next Show: Sunday, October 8th 2017
Please note: Rules have changed for the 2017-2018 Season. Please refer to the AVDR Rule Book for the current rules and qualifications for year end prizes. We are running 7 events / show this year. For a show to count toward the minimum number of 8 shows required for year end awards, a rider must compete in at least 5 of these events per show.

Standings - As of September 10th, 2017

Standings for 2017-2018 Season

These are the preliminary standings for the season. Please keep in mind that riders have the option to change divisions within the first 3 shows of the season. If riders change divisions, points will be recalculated to reflect the rider's new division as if they had been riding in that division from the beginning of the season. Please see our rule book for the complete set of rules and qualifications for year end prizes

AAA Horse
Rank Rider Horse Points
1 Alanna Layton Baily's n Cream 72
2 Andria Witmer Maverick 50
3 Peyton Lambert Drew-P 45
4 Madison Kayser Fever 39

AA Horse
Rank Rider Horse Points
1 Bella Angobaldo Jammin' Jolee 54
2 Madison Kayser Joey 51
3 Peyton Lambert Jinx 41
4 Bala Escolin Hottie Boo Body 38
5 MacKenna Burgrard Tang 36
6 Mary Knight-Petite Tornado 30
7 Shannon Roueche Tootsie 29
8 Alanna Layton Abba Zabba 23

A Horse
Rank Rider Horse Points
1 Jaime McCanna Running for Jakob 43
2 Dianna Lane Absinthe 42
* B J Layton Uppity Lady 36
3 Brooke Gilardone Pepsi 31
4 Ingrid Armstrong Kay Kay 31
5 Jill Gentile Star 28
6 Ashtyn Pegula Largo 24
7 Daisy Wood Sequoia 17
8 Julienne Fettinger Catty 16
9 Diane Layton Jazzy 14
10 Molly Ahern Charlie 5
11 Stacy Carames Jacey 4
12 Jessica Rogers Sparkles 2
13 Teresa Westfall Partner 1

Future Champion (FC)
Rank Rider Horse Points
1 Hayley Romick Jet 54
2 June Verseput Stormy 39
3 BJ Layton Okee-Do-Kee 33
4 Jessica Rogers Barbie 33
5 Monica Whitmer Red Neck Woman 30
6 Karleen Hults Jesse James 30
7 Doreen Petite Baylee 27
8 Paige Crowder Mo 22
9 Dianna Lane Zoonie 11

* Rider/Horse combination not eligible to win regular prizes in this or lower division. Rider/Horse combo are eligible to win an AVDR Buckle if they finish within the top 5 placings for this division, participate in the minimum required shows for prize eligibility, and perform the minimum required volunteer work at each show attended.