How do you qualify for year end awards? 

Rider's must be an AVDR member in good standing. They must also complete a total of 42 rides throughout the season and volunteer one half of one event at each show they attend. 

Am I allowed to change horses? 

Points are determined on a horse/rider combination, meaning to accumulate points, riders must continue riding the same horse. If a rider wants to ride another horse they are welcome to do so, but the points will not be added between horses.  

What happens if my horse is hurt and can't finish the season? 

Riders are allowed to switch horses mid season and continue accumulating points if their horse is injuried only if a printed note written by a liscened veterinarian is provided to AVDR.   

How do I pick a division? 

Rider's have their first three shows to pick a division. All divisions have a time bracket. The best division to pick is the one where most of your times fall in that time bracket. 

What happens when I change divisions? 

If a rider changes divisions before their fourth show, then the rider is placed into that division from their first show on and the placings are recalculated as though that rider competed in that division since the first show. 

If a rider changes division after their first three shows they will be entered in the new division from that show on and begin as a new rider. 

Points will never be carried between divisions. 

What are year end awards? 

Through the whole season points are accumulated from every show. Year end prizes are given out based on those points. All qualified riders will recieve the "basic" prize, typically consistenting of a custom AVDR jacket and other things 😬. Normally, AVDR tries to do prizes to 10th place in each division and saddles to first place in each division, but this is subject to change depending on rider counts and overall budget.

What is mystery jackpot? 

We have a mystery jackpot at every show. A random event is picked for the day and the 1st place winner of each division who signed up splits the pot evenly. Everyone has an opportunity to win and the jackpot is 100% payout. 

What is the show raffle? 

EVERY show at AVDR, we draw a random rider from the pre-entered riders of that show and that rider wins back their rides from the entire show. So if you enter 7 rides and win, you get a credit for 7 rides at your next show

What is the Jackpot Barrels? 

Jackpot barrels is run as a sidepot for regular event riders or as a stand alone ride for jackpot barrel only riders. Barrels is typically ran at every other show. Every show we have barrels, we will also have jackpot barrels. Jackpot barrels is $10 to enter, with a 70% payout. 

4D Format 

             1D = Fastest Time 

            2D = Fastest Time + 1 second 

             3D = Fastest Time + 2 seconds

             4D = Fastest Time + 3 seconds



1D = 30% 

2D = 27% 

3D = 23% 

4D = 20% 

Payout is established based of the number of riders that enter.